Our Fee

Consultation £200 (up to 60 minutes)

Follow up £120 (up to 30 minutes)

Assessment session

In some instances the presenting health condition turns out to have no or little connection with allergy, intolerance, sensitivity, immune system response and dietary habit. If the health condition is not listed in the symptoms associated with allergy, intolerance and sensitivity, an assessment session is recommended. If the assessment session indicates that a full consultation is helpful then the assessment session will be extended to a consultation session.

During this session, which normally lasts about 30 minutes, your general health including your specific area of problem (presenting problem) will be assessed and analysed. A full detailed clinical history focused on your main problem which consists of different sections will help us to examine if you benefit from a full consultation session. If a full consultation session considered to be relevant and effective for your condition, then the session will continue.


A consultation session includes assessment and detailed recommendation session which takes about 60 minutes. The recommendation session consists of specific and general instruction on dietary exclusion, reintroduction and substitution, minimising or avoiding allergens, dietary supplement and highlighting the measures that contribute to triggering, worsening or improving of your presenting health problem.

Follow up

Depending on the presenting health problem, to assess the effectiveness of general and specific recommendations and also to modify or obtain new advice some individuals may require regular or intermittent supervision which is performed via a follow up session.

Extended consultation

Extended consultation is often necessary for individuals presenting with multiple and complicated health conditions who require more time to assess their clinical history and offer specific and general advice. Individuals with multiple allergy, sensitivity and intolerance, dietary restriction, young children or those with high risk (heart disease, diabetes, asthma, kidney or liver conditions) often require extended consultation session which lasts about 90 minutes.