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Food Allergy Test

(Immediate food allergy, IgE-mediated food allergy or Type I food allergy)

Symptoms are:

  • Immediate and often exhibit between 2-30 minutes after ingestion.
  • Occasionally dose dependant.
  • Sometimes severe.
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Inhalant Allergy

(Immediate & delayed inhalant allergy)

Symptoms are:.

  • Sometimes immediate and within minutes, sometimes delayed after 2-6 hours, and occasionally both.
  • Sometimes dose-dependant.
  • Occasionally severe.
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Food Sensitivity & Intolerance

(Food intolerance, delayed food allergy & non-specific food sensitivity)

Symptoms are:.

  • Often delayed 2-72 hours, but occasionally could appear shortly after ingestion.
  • Usually dose dependant.
  • Generally mild to moderate.
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Celiac Test

Celiac test

Symptoms are.

  • Delayed and may take hours to years to appear.
  • Dose dependant.
  • Mild to moderate, yet diverse manifestations.
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