Scientific practice

Scientific Practice

At AllergyMedic we only apply proven and scientific approaches for identifying and/or managing allergy, sensitivity or intolerance symptoms. Validated methods such as skin prick test and specific serum IgE with high sensitivity and specificity are only helpful for identifying IgE mediated or Type I allergy and are not appropriate for non IgE mediated reactions. There is no definite or specific clinical test for identifying food sensitivities or intolerances, nevertheless there are some indicative approaches/tests which are helpful in screening and suggesting the probable culprit(s) that should be challenged.

As a part of professional service at AllergyMedic, and in order to determine the effectiveness of the intervention, relevant and validated approaches might be used to measure the severity of symptoms between the first and subsequent consultations.

AllergyMedic does not advocate controversial tests such as Leukocytotoxic and IgG/IgG4 tests. We also strongly discourage people from taking no-proven-value alternative techniques  such as kinesiology (muscle Testing), Iridology, Electrodermal Testing (VEGA Testing), Bio-resonance (Vibrational Medicine) and many more that have absolutely no scientific correlation with food allergy, sensitivity or intolerance.